Family development


Help families define and achieve priority objectives (education, family planning, health etc.)


> Identification and assistance in the resolution of priority problems (insufficient revenues, lack of documentation, health issues, conflicted family relationships, addictions, malnutrition, school drop-outs etc.)

Mumbai. Home visit in Bhim Nagar with PATH

> Individual counselling and support through home-based follow-up with weekly visits for 6 to 9 months

> Counselling in social guidance centres

> Referral to suitable services available in the neighbourhood.




An efficient start to development. At the end of the 6 months counselling, around two thirds of families have durably strengthened their problem-solving abilities and they achieve 50% of set objectives on average. They further continue their progress without our help, as shown in impact studies led 6 months after the end of counselling.

In 2015, 8,235 families were supported. Health represents over 40% of identified problems and administrative issues 20%.

Collaboration partners in Madagascar: KOLOAINA, VAHATRA, MAMPITA, SAHI (Manakara)

Collaboration partners in India: ALERT India, KGST, LSS, NVK, PATH, SAI, SMUS, ASHA, JVP, SJF, SKS.

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Early childhood development


Durably alleviate poverty through early childhood-development activities for children from underprivileged neighbourhoods.

Mumbai. Beneficiary children in an early childhood workshop in Pimpripada


Mother & child activities to strengthen parent-child relationships

Childhood protection


> Avoid developmental delays

> Support and train young isolated mothers, on subjects such as nutrition, hygiene, vaccination…

> Training of local public and private actors



Close link with beneficiary families. In addition to educational and early childhood activities, home visits help guide parents in their role as primary educators, better understand their situation and offer a more adapted support.

In 2015, 2,311 mothers and their babies aged 0 to 2 years old participated in early childhood activities.

Collaboration partners in Madagascar: KOZAMA, KOLOAINA, VAHATRA, MAMPITA.

Collaboration partners in India: ALERT India, KGST

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