Psychosocial development

Help vulnerable families find a way out of social isolation

3,921 beneficiary families in 2021


Help families define and achieve priority objectives (education, family planning, health etc.)

Mumbai. Home visit in Bhim Nagar with PATH
Mumbai. Home visit in Bhim Nagar with PATH


> Accompaniment, listening, advice, guidance and follow-up at home for 6 months
> Identification and help in solving priority problems (insufficient income, lack of administrative documents, health problems, conflictual family relationships, addictions, malnutrition, school drop-out, etc.)
> Advice from social services
> Referral to appropriate services available in the neighbourhood.


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An efficient start to development. At the end of the 6 months counselling, around two thirds of families have durably strengthened their problem-solving abilities and they achieve 50% of set objectives on average. They further continue their progress without our help, as shown in impact studies led 6 months after the end of counselling.


Social work with vulnerable families in the slums of Mumbai. Film made in 2017.