Operational partners in Madagascar

Local NGOs, pre-existing or created with the help of Inter Aide then ATIA with the launch of programs.

Antananarivo. The KOZAMA organisation team, collaboration partner in early childhood and education programs
Antananarivo. The KOZAMA organisation team, collaboration partner in early childhood and education programs


KOZAMA Protecting Malagasy children

A local NGO created in 2009 by Inter Aide teams involved in education and early childhood development programs, and collaboration partner with ATIA since 2012. Concentrated on the poor neighbourhoods of the capital, it helps families with the development of their babies and toddlers. It also works as support for the public school system and is now participating in the future national preschool curriculum’s design and the modernisation of teaching techniques in primary school.

KOLOAINA Protecting life

KOLOAINA is a local NGO created in 2003 by the Inter Aide teams involved in family development and transferred to ATIA in 2012. It now leads these activities in Antananarivo and progressively develops them in the neighbouring regions. Helping very vulnerable families with access to basic services (administrations, schools, health centres…), they also intervene with TB patients to ensure treatment continuity and diminish risks of transmission.

AFAFI Protecting family health

Created with Inter Aide’s help in 2007, AFAFI offers technical support through the creation and development of health mutual funds in Antananarivo, Antsirabe and Mahajanga. Thanks to ATIA’s experience in the health mutual fund sector launched in India, AFAFI’s team has developed specific skills for insurance (suitable product definitions, risk follow-up, development of health providers’ network, health awareness campaigns). AFAFI works closely with CEFOR to offer micro entrepreneurs a suitable health insurance.

To find out more: https://afafi-mutuelle.mg


ECFORME is an organisation founded in 2019 through the NGO CEFOR. ATIA supported its creation and supports it now solely economically.


TOHANA is a NGO created in 2019 implementing a program for vulnerable women in Antananarivo to be introduced to the job market by enabling them acces through apprenticeship.



Launched in 2007, Vahatra is a Malagasy association specialising in vocational training, social support, productive loans accompanied by training and access to interest-bearing savings. It is well established in the Antsirabe agglomeration and enjoys strong recognition from the local population and authorities.


MAMPITA Loans and savings

MAMPITA is a Malagasy NGO launched in 2008, working on social support, productive loans, savings and socio economic training for poor families. The structuration of the NGO’s skills will allow MAMPITA to progressively reinforce its institutional, organisational and financial autonomy and to extend its actions.






SAHI is a Malagasy NGO launched in 2015, working both for rural and urban-poor families in the South-East of Madagascar (productive loans, social support, savings and socio-economic training).

Collaboration partners that are now autonomus

CEFOR Crédit-Epargne-Formation

Created in 2001, C.E.FOR is a Malagasy law NGO specialised in productive loans and job training. Supported by ATIA, this structure has reached a strong autonomy and is recognised by its public and private partners as a major actor in the professional training and micro-finance domains for underprivileged populations. In February 2006, C.E.FOR was a candidate for the « Pro-Poor Innovation Challenge » organised by the CGAP (Consultative Group to Assist the Poor) and which rewards innovating projects aimed at the poor. Today, CEFOR receives a technical support from ATIA since 2015 through short evaluation missions and support for specific technical aspects depending on needs. Since 2019, CEFOR is completely autonomous.

To find out more: http://www.cefor.mg/