About us

ATIA is a French non-profit organisation created in 2008 and specialized in the design and implementation of development programmes. ATIA is stemming from the association Inter Aide and respects its charter

Our approach

ATIA's action consists in helping the most deprived families to improve their living conditions by themselves according to a combined or "integrated" approach in 4 areas:

  • education: pre-schooling and prevention of school failure in primary schools
  • social: support for the poorest families (listening, guidance, advice), early childhood development
  • health: fight against tuberculosis, mutual health insurance
  • access to employment: vocational training and support for micro-entrepreneurs, encouraging savings, productive loans through social microfinance institutions.

The programmes are thus defined from the needs of the families and co-developed with local partner associations, which are accompanied and technically reinforced by ATIA to become autonomous.