Local partners

ATIA works on the field with local partner NGOs. ATIA does not play a simple financial role, but also participates in the elaboration and implementation of the actions. They are supervised by a Programme Manager on the field, who assists the local teams, trains them, contributes to the local organisation’s development and guarantees the quality of activities and proper use of funds.


When partners demonstrate good technical achievements and organisational and financial autonomy, they continue the actions on their own.


We also work with the local authorities in order to hand over the actions once our intervention is over. In some cases, we also receive financial support from them.


However, the majority of ATIA’s funding comes from private and public funders, with whom we favour lasting relationships of trust and try to provide a high level of quality and reliability in our operational and financial reports.

Our current local partners:

Technical partners

ATIA also collaborates with other NGOs on the development of its programmes:

In Bangladesh: During its implementation in the country, ATIA established a partnership with the French NGO Eau & Vie (E&V) and its local partner Shobar Jonno Pani (SJP), who since 2010 have been working in the slum of Bashantek to provide safe drinking water at home, and strengthen sanitation, hygiene and waste collection services. This multi-partnership makes it possible to offer complementary services in the fields of water and health and thus multiply their impact. The collaboration with Eau & Vie and SJP also allows us to benefit from their experience and their integration in Bashantek. They have an in-depth knowledge of the target population and a good reputation in the slum. ATIA thus aims to set up an innovative system in which the mutual health insurance scheme could be directly integrated with a drinking water service.

In Burkina Faso: Since 2020, we have developed a partnership with a Burkinabe microfinance institution (MFI), YIKRI, supported by the French NGO Entrepreneurs du Monde. Together with ATIA, YIKRI has created TOND LAAFI, a mutual health insurance dedicated to its entrepreneurs. The target audience of TOND LAAFI and ATIA is thus the beneficiaries of the YIKRI MFI (85% of whom are women), and their families, who are the informal populations generally neglected by MFIs.

In MadagascarInter Aide is partnering with ATIA's partner association and social microfinance institution SAHI in supporting the farmers' federation Fagnimbogna and implementing the agricultural credit fund. This fund finances the cultivation and storage of rice, for about 500 farmers, living in very isolated communes.