Economic development


Help families increase their revenues durably, become autonomous and access employment.


Activities – economic support

> Project elaboration

> Referral to jobs or self-employment

> Support and follow-up during the project

> Training for family and business budgeting


Activities – productive loans and savings

> Productive loans

> Savings training and promotion

> Free savings program (mandatory for micro-entrepreneurs)



< Antananarivo. Training for data entry clerk given by our partner CEFOR

Innovation: make services accessible to the poorest. In Madagascar, we develop mobile solutions to allow micro entrepreneurs to use their mobile phone to manage their loan and health insurance. They save money and precious time to improve their families’ revenues. The project is led together with the mobile phone operator Airtel.

In 2015, 20 011 beneficiary families participated in micro-credit activities, 2462 in professional training and 24 644 loans were given out. Before, their revenue level was 45 cents of euros per person per day. After our support, 70% of them significantly improve their living conditions (revenue, capital, activity, assets)


Partners in Madagascar: CEFOR, MAMPITA, VAHATRA, SAHI (Manakara).

Partners in India: NVSK, SAI

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