Funding and expenditures


Total expenditures for 2016 amount to around 2,322 kEUR.


ATIA does not fundraise from the general public. Each program defined by ATIA is funded by one or more institutional funders (public donors, family and company foundations…) and a few individuals. They regularly receive execution reports describing the exact state of progress of the project (our main financial partners).

ATIA directly assigns the administrative and follow-up costs necessary for each project to their budget. All fees represent 13% of total expenses for 2015. ATIA is financially transparent and produce project-based cost accounting, available for its funders.

The NGO’s accounts are certified by an external auditor.

Donations and legacies

While ATIA does not publicly fundraise, the NGO is authorised to receive donations and legacies and to provide fiscal receipts for tax deductions:

- For individuals, 66% of the donation’s amount are tax deductible, within 20% of taxable revenue,

- For companies, 60% of the donation are tax deductible, within 5‰ of sales revenue.