Operational partners

They are local NGOs, pre-existing or created with the help of Inter Aide then ATIA with the launch of programs.


EnFaNCE Foundation Inc - Encourage Families in Need and Care for Education

EnFaNCE is a Filipino NGO created with Inter Aide’s help in 2003, taken over by ATIA in 2013 and specialised in social, psychosocial and economic support of the most vulnerable families. Its objective is to contribute to the alleviation of poverty in the most precarious slums of Manila, by facilitating the continuous access for the poorest to sanitary, educational, social and economic services.

EnFaNCE also leads a family budget and savings promotion training action: in partnership with UPLiFT, it created a savings product specifically tailored to the needs of the poorest families: 1 peso minimum deposit (0.01€), 1 peso minimum maintaining balance, collection directly in the areas to mitigate transport costs, which gave the project the name “Piso Pisong Ipon” (peso by peso). EnFaNCE also trains interns (medicine students, social work students…) to the family development approach, innovative in the Philippines.


Activities and areas of intervention are presented on EnFaNCE's website.

Institutional partners

They are local public structures that we support or that support us in our projects

- DSWD (Department for Social Welfare & Development)

- The 4Ps government program


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