Operational partners in India

Local NGOs, pre-existing or created with the help of Inter Aide then ATIA with the launch of programmes. 

Mumbai, LSS team
Mumbai, LSS team

ALERT-INDIAAssociation for Leprosy Education, Rehabilitation and Treatment INDIA

Alert India is an Indian NGO created in 1978 well-known for its actions against leprosy. Alert India is appreciated by public authorities for the quality of its TB control. ATIA took over from Inter Aide in 2008, helping with family development, pre-school activities and TB control. Today the tuberculosis control is performed by ALERT alone while the other activites are in continued collaboration with ATIA. Find out more information on their website: https://alertindia.org/

Keshav Gore Smarak Trust (KGST)

Created in 1958, KGST works in health, youth, education, alphabetisation, professional training and family development. The collaboration with Inter Aide, started in 2004, was handed over to ATIA in 2008 and concerns family development. KGST is now a well-known and integrated NGO in Mumbai, and it has decided to develop with ATIA its family development activities.

Maharashtra Janvikas Kendra (MJK)

This NGO, created in 1995, is born out of the field team of the MLSM, IA partner from 1985 to 1995. It is experienced in TB control, education (preschool and tutoring), professional training and family development, in collaboration with Inter Aide since 1995 and now ATIA since 2008. Today the collaboration between ATIA and MJK is limited to tuberculosis control.

Navnirman Samaj Vikas Kendras (NSVK)

NSVK is a small NGO created in 1996 by Inter Aide. ATIA and Navnirman collaborate since 2008 in credit access, development, TB control and education. In 2001, NVSK became a founding member of the Uplift India Association and developed more intensive training and family development activities.

People's Association for Training and Health (PATH) 

Created in 1987, PATH works in 4 Mumbai slums on health and family development. The collaboration with ATIA, started in 2008, concerns TB control and family development.

Lok Seva Sangam (LSS)

Created in 1976, LSS works for leprosy care, as well as tuberculosis and AIDS care. It has been a partner of ATIA since 2008 and is today also active in the educational field of activities.

Collaboration partners that are now autonomous

Social Action Implementation (SAI)

This foundation was created in 2010, by a former manager (for 10 years) of Parvati/Vikas, an Indian partner of Inter Aide in Pune since 1999. It supports socio-economic reinsertion in the slums of Dombivli, in the north-eastern suburbs of Mumbai, through productive loans and with a methodology focused on the increased autonomy of families. ATIA, partner of SAI since 2014 and sharing these objectives, chose to work with SAI with the many poor families of the slums of Dombivli and did so up until the end of 2018. SAI is now independent of ATIA.

Sarvajani Mahila Utkarsha Sanstha (SMUS)

Indian organisation doing social and sanitary works in the Bhiwandi municipality (east of Mumbai). They received support from ATIA in family development and tuberculosis control until the end of 2019.


PREM SEVA in a religious organisation that was supported by ATIA up until 2015 in their works of setting up a mutual health fund working together with their micro-credit programs in Mumbai. It is now working independently.


ASHA was founded in 1988 during a cholera outbreak and has since then expanded its activities into other fields of action. ATIA collaborated with ASHA in family development projects up until 2016.

Samajik Kranti Sanstha (SKS)

SKS was supported by ATIA until 2015 and has henceforth continued its actions in family development independently.

Uplift India Association

Since 2005, seven local partners are members of the Uplift India Association (UIA) network. This partnership of Indian NGOs also includes other Indian NGOs leading microfinance (Uplift Wealth) and micro insurance (Uplift Health) projects. The network is led by its members and aims to find Indian partnerships and funds. Increasingly and depending on its resources, UIA will lead capacity building activities similar to those led by Swabhimaan but on a larger scale and for a bigger number of Indian NGOs. Its funding will be exclusively by member contributions and by Indian institutional partners.

Deep Griha Society

The Deep Griha Society was created in 1975 in Pune and works mainly with women (Self Help Groups) and children in the slums of Market Yard, Tadiwala Road and Ramtekadi located in the centre of Pune. The programs it sets up have to do with education, health and capacity building. Deep Griha and ATIA started a new training and saving promotion program for women beneficiaries of the capacity building programs in 2010.


Parvati was born in 2003 out of the fusion of the microcredit programs led by Snehdeep and Vikas in Pune. It follows a pragmatic approach to improving living conditions of slums dwellers of Pune through financial and non-financial services: microcredit, family development and health mutual funds. Parvati receives funds through the revenues of its microcredit and micro insurance activities. It has also received loans from local banks and is becoming more and more financially independent. Parvati is a member of the Uplift India Association.

Annapurna Pariwar

Created in 1994, Annapurna initially offered credit services for groups of women to use for productive and social aims. Its partnership with Inter Aide started in 2001 with the launch of an individual productive loans program open also to men, and was handed over to ATIA in 2008. New activities were created such as access to saving, family development, micro-insurance for accidents, professional training and access to employment as well as a mutual fund for health insurance. Annapurna Mahila Mandal is a member of the Uplift India Association.


Organisation working with education and early childhood development in Pune, supported by ATIA until 2015.

Annapurna Mumbai

In Mumbai, collaboration with this partner, started in 2005 in Thane (city north of Mumbai) with micro credit and saving. Annapurna Mumbai is a member of the Uplift India Association.



Created with the help of Inter Aide in 2000, and partner of ATIA since 2014, Swabhimaan offers support and technical counsel to all Indian partners involved in microcredit, micro insurance and family development projects. In this context, Swabhimaan develops common tools of reporting and social impact measures, accessible to all ATIA’s partner NGOs. This organism also allows mutualising the administrative support for human resources and financial consolidation. Furthermore, Swabhimaan directly leads a new program since 2009, in the Laltopi zone, north of Pune, in productive loans activities, training and health service access. Swabhimaan is entirely funded by donors in partnership with Inter Aide and ATIA.