Our values

All actions performed by ATIA are to be in line with the Inter Aide charter, and therefore ATIA strives to: 

  • Start from the needs on the field, with a practical and professional approach.
  • Limit the range of activities to the implementation of development programmes (no mediatisation or public fundraising).
  • Act in the strictest personal and political neutrality, respecting the convictions of the beneficiaries.
  • Always seek to reach the most disadvantaged families.
  • Always act so as to reinforce the families’ own development capacities, making them self-reliant, not dependant.
  • Give priority, whenever possible, to productive actions and to those facilitating access to employment.
  • Find or set up a local partner initially as an anchor point for the program and ultimately as a sustainable actor.

India. Micro-entrepreneurs supported by SWABHIMAAN in Pune