Social - family development


Help families define and achieve priority objectives (education, family planning, health…)



> Identification and assistance in the resolution of priority problems (insufficient revenues, lack of documentation, health issues, conflicted family relationships, addictions, malnutrition, school drop-outs…)

> Individual counselling and support through home-based follow-up with weekly visits for 6 to 9 months

> Counselling in social guidance centres

> Referral to suitable services available in the neighbourhood.


< Mumbai. Home visit in Bhim Nagar with PATH

An efficient start to development. At the end of the 6 months counselling, around two thirds of families have durably strengthened their problem-solving abilities and they achieve 50% of set objectives on average. They further continue their progress without our help, as shown in impact studies led 6 months after the end of counselling.

In 2015, 8,235 families were supported. Health represents over 40% of identified problems and administrative issues 20%.


Partners in Madagascar: KOLOAINA, VAHATRA, MAMPITA, SAHI (Manakara)

Partners in India: ALERT India, KGST, LSS, NVK, PATH, SAI, SMUS, ASHA, JVP, SJF, SKS.

Partner in the Philippines: ENFANCE

In the Philippines our support also involves an economic feature. We offer family budgeting and saving workshops, by giving access to a free savings scheme designed for very precarious populations, with daily collections in neighbourhoods and home-based follow-up to support and motivate families in their savings project.


ATIA won the 2014 RAJA Foundation Women’s Award, in the Education and Social Actions category!


Video in French: at 1:20, Adrien, who is working on the field, tells us a bit about the Family Development Approach.

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