Facilitate access to care for families through a health insurance scheme, a network of selected health providers and social health services.



> Health mutual funds: health insurance scheme (mandatory for productive loans), patient counselling and follow-up

> Patient referral and access to partner structures

> Prevention, awareness and health education workshops for common diseases (Information, Education, Communication)

> Health insurance



< Mumbai. Dr Supekar is a member of a network of health providers.

Health mutual funds: managing health expenses. Vulnerable families face three difficulties in obtaining care: financial problems, psychosocial issues (inadequate information on treatment options, fear of doctors or diseases, etc.) and lack of prevention of common diseases. Health mutual funds services offered by our partners help avoid “catastrophic” expenses plunging families once more into deep poverty, rationalise the treatment process (avoiding useless and expensive options) and limit the occurrence of preventable diseases. 

In 2015, 24 000 families benefited from health mutual fund services and a network of over 250 health providers.


Partners in Madagascar: VAHATRA, MAMPITA.

Partners in India: NVSK, Prem Seva, SAI, Antyodaya and Parvati.

> Video in French on the AFAFI health mutual fund (Antananarivo, 2014).

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